Fruit Juice Tycoon Script Pastebin Hacks – January 2023

Fruit Juice Tycoon Script Pastebin

Roblox Fruit Juice Tycoon Script Pastebin Hacks – the best hacks, with Auto Farm, GUI, and other amazing hacks

Fruit Juice Tycoon Script Pastebin Hacks – Auto Farm

Download here the Auto Farm Script Pastebin for the WesFluff’s Roblox game, pastebin script hack link > Here

You can check here the script, but copy it from the pastebin (link above):

  1. Too long to add it here, get the script pastebin from the link above


  • Auto Farm
  • GUI

How to use Scripts in Roblox – Any Roblox Game

These are the steps to use scripts in Fruit Juice Tycoon, and in any Roblox Game

  • Download & Install a Script Executor, best choices are: JJSploit, Sentinel, Synapse & Krnl
  • Turn off Virus and Threat Protection
  • Open any Roblox game and attach JJsploit (or other executor) to it.
  • Clear all the scripts and paste the script you want to execute and click on execute
  • Click on the commands tab present on the screen and see what command will execute what cheat

About Fruit Juice Tycoon’ Game

Badges are now being uploaded! None of them are unlockable yet, but they will all be when the next update comes out. Stay tuned!

Hop in and replay a 2010 classic with this improved remake! This fan-made “refreshed” version brings the game closer to modern Roblox standards with new mechanics while still trying to keep a similar feel to the original. This game is still being updated, so be on the lookout for changes, additions, and improvements!

Notable changes include:
New fruits and a better looking tycoon!
All your progress is saved!
New mechanics! Finish the game and prestige to rebuild your tycoon and unlock new boosts, and gain frenzy time from the obby or spending time off the game to get a temporary boost to your income!
New VIP pass with new benefits! (The VIP t-shirt from the original game will also work here!)

Game icon/Thumbnail image credit: Unsplash (Photographer’s name is filtered :/)

There appear to be a few instances of players losing some or all of their progress in Fruit Juice Tycoon: Refreshed. I am currently taking a look at this and I will let you all know when I’ve come up with a fix for it.

Fruit Juice Tycoon Social Media Channels:

  • Twitter: @Quark_WF
  • Youtube: WesFluff
  • Roblox Group:!/about

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